The mission of the Institute for Strategic Studies (ISS) is to serve as a center of excellence and network for parties worldwide committed to strengthening and furthering international exchange, trade and commerce in various high technologies in a competent, transparent, responsible and ethical manner.

ISS is a network in the high technology sector that operates as a forum of knowledge, education and outreach for and among institutions and individual experts from non-governmental centers, think-tanks, institutes, universities and businesses engaged in advanced technologies to share their experience and knowledge through research, training, education, and outreach, and various capacity building initiatives.

In pursuit of its mission, ISS has set itself the following objectives:
  • To complement existing and future initiatives pursued by non-governmental centers, think-tanks, institutes, and universities involved in strategic trade management and export controls
  • To cooperate with governments to strengthen national strategic trade management and export control systems
  • To cooperate with industry to encourage best practices in strategic trade management, and compliance with export control laws
  • To identify and reinforce standards in the multilateral non-proliferation and export control regimes in pursuit of a harmonized international standard.
  • To have sophisticated web, IT, search, and data mining capabilities
  • To build digital library and exhaustive knowledge base of this sector
  • To have brand as intellectually strategic, imaginative, and impactful organization