About Us

Dr. G. Balachandran, Vice Chairman
Dr. Balachandran is currently a Visiting Fellow with the Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses (IDSA). A professional engineer and economist by training he has worked as software development programmer with IBM at their European Research laboratory in UK; as a journalist; directed the national office of an UNDP project on an international trade information network; visiting professor at Carnegie Mellon University and conducted a number of studies on Indian and Pakistani defence expenditure, industry and trade and other studies such as the effect of US nuclear related sanctions on India in May 1998; US export control laws and the NSSP etc. He has also been a consultant on country risk analysis for some international management associates.

U. D. Bhatkoti
Mr. Bhatkoti is a postgraduate in physics and is a senior director at the Confederation of Indian Industry. He has extensive experience of working in government and private sector in India, and especially has been actively engaged in the study of Chinese affairs for over two decades, and is a fluent speaker of Mandarin. He has taught Chinese language at the School of Foreign Languages under the Ministry of Defense, Government of India from 1995 till 2000. Briefly he was with the Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses (IDSA), India for about a year, where he worked on Pakistan – China relations. He was also a Visiting Fellow at the Political University of Taiwan in 2005.

Dr. Rajiv Nayan
Dr. Nayan is a Senior Research Associate with the Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses (IDSA), where he specializes in export control, non-proliferation, and arms control since 1993. He was a Visiting Fulbright Scholar at the Center on International Cooperation, New York University, and was also a Visiting Research Fellow at Japan Institute of International Affairs, Tokyo, where he published his monograph- Non-Proliferation Issues in South Asia. He holds a Ph.D. and a Master of Philosophy in Disarmament Studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University. In his doctoral dissertation, he studied implications of the Missile Technology Control Regime for Indian security and economy. He is a member of the governing council of the International Export Controls Association, hosted by University of Georgia in Washington, DC, and a member of the Export Controls Experts Group of the Council for Security Cooperation in Asia Pacific (CSCAP). He is also on the Executive Council of the Indian Pugwash Society, and is a Member, Regional Network of Strategic Studies Centers Weapons of Mass Destruction/Border Security Working Group.

Dr. R. Ramachandran
Dr. Ramachandran holds a Ph. D from Bombay University in 1982, with thesis work in Theoretical High Energy Physics from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai. He is a science journalist since 1984, has been editor of national newspapers and magazines, such as Economic Times, Business India, Hindu, and is presently associate editor (science) of the Frontline magazine. He also regularly contributes on physics-related developments in India to the British research journal Physics World of the Institute of Physics (IOP), London. He is a member of the Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change, constituted in May 2007, and past president of Indian Science Writers’ Association, and was awarded the National "Science Communication in Mass Media" Award in 1990 by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Government of India.

Robinder Sachdev, Vice Chairman
Mr. Sachdev is president of the Imagindia Institute, and is an expert on geopolitics and economic diplomacy. He has worked extensively on U.S.-India relations, including to promote the civil nuclear deal between the U.S. and India, and has been featured as one of 12 most influential Indian Americans in the U.S. He worked as a technology entrepreneur in the telecom sector in the U.S. before relocating to India, and is founding member of the Washington, DC-based US India Political Action Committee (USINPAC). He often advises governments, corporate sector, and media, in India, the U.S., Europe, and Japan, on a range of issues. Early in career, he pioneered technology based political consulting in India, when for the 1989 parliamentary elections he conceptualized and was the software architect of an 80-people IT project that reported to Shri Rajiv Gandhi, then PM of India. Again for 1996 elections, the Congress party availed of his professional advise on nationwide campaign management. He holds a MBA (International Business) and MA (International Relations) both from American University, Washington, DC, and a B.Tech (Electrical Engineering) from G B Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, and has taught as Adjunct Faculty at American University and contributed to training programs for U.S. Navy and U.S. Department of State. He is a trustee of the Children Book Trust, the oldest national children’s organization in India.