• Identify interested nongovernmental individuals and organizations, establish contact with them, and involve them in the work of the ISS.
  • Facilitate coordinated, effective export control training and assistance, particularly in the areas of legislation, licensing, and enforcement.
  • Promote industry-government dialogue on export controls, and help firms develop and maintain effectual industry compliance programs.
  • Analyze national and regional export controls in order to reinforce the efficacy of these systems and promote transparency in their day-to-day operations.
  • Pursue cooperative development of educational and training materials.
  • Keep the ISS abreast of evolving realities in export controls and non-proliferation, through a regular and triennial review of the Charter and its objectives.
  • Disseminate to Indian industry the rules and regulations relating to exports of dual-use technology items under export control lists by other countries.
  • Disseminate scientific knowledge and information among the people on the above areas through its publications, meetings, public interactions, and collaborative work;
  • Cooperate and collaborate with other institutions working in India and abroad.